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The Thing Minute

Oct 31, 2017

In addition to today's regular episode, here's a special treat for Halloween! It's a dramatic audio reenactment of The Lost Ice Scene that was in Bill Lancaster's script but was deemed too expensive to film. Stuart Cohen gives a great account of what happened on his blog.


While I did the sound design, the rest could not have happened without the extreme generosity of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company! These talented folks provided their voices for the characters:


Childs -  Joe Ravenson 

Bennings -  David Benedict 

Clark -  Joe Ravenson

Garry -  Trevor Garner

Dr. Copper -  Bob Brown 

Norris -  William Alan Ritch

Palmer -  Zachary Vaudo 

MacReady - Chris Jones


An extra special thanks to David Benedict for putting the whole thing together for me. Please check out their podcasts Centauri Express and Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope. Both are excellent shows, and you can hear me talk more about them in the episode.


If you've listened to this episode, you also know that it has a bit of a trick along with the treat–the regular show is going on a short hiatus after this week. I've had a huge influx of work, and some scheduling issues has made me lose all my lead on prerecorded episodes. I'm already hard at work building that back up, and hope to be back on a regular weekly schedule by mid-November, so don't fret!